Saturday, March 7, 2020

Raisin in the Sun Bio. essays

Raisin in the Sun Bio. essays A Raisin in The Sun can be seen as the evolution of a Young male into manhood. Lee Younger enters the movie portrayed as a young male thrown into having the responsibilities of being a husband. It seems he has not yet become a man, however, as he doesn't seem to have control of his responsibilities and his ideas which he plans to use in order to achieve his dreams seem to be very poorly thought out. A husbands responsibilities are universally thought of as being able to support his family and raise his children so they are morally in line with what he believes in. Walter's problem, however, seems to be that he is building his supposedly well- thought-out plan of investing money in a liquor store into something he is infatuated with. By creating this infatuation, he is not able to achieve his responsibilities. The turning point in Walter's life seems to be the way lots of people change who are going down the wrong path in life, he made a huge mistake. When mama finally gave in to Walters desire for money by giving him the responsibility to manage the remaining money from the insurance check after she had put the down-payment on the house, Walter gave in to his infatuation of investing in the liquor store. He doesn't realize the risk, however, and the deal goes sour leaving him with none of the money mama had given him. After committing this mistake, Walter's family consoles him, and realizes how foolish he had been. This single mistake caused a man and his family to finally come together and act and think on the same line. The theme I found according to this reading of the play is one in which a man is unconsciously headed down the wrong path, and it takes a huge financial mistake in order for him to realize how foolish he had been. Finally, he is headed down the right path which his family helps him achieve by consoling and comforting him after he makes the huge mistake. ...

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