Thursday, February 20, 2020

Report on the case study Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Report on the case study - Coursework Example Critical Management Studies stresses at looking the organisation and management theory from wide variety of groups which are affected by educators and business managers who instruct them. Critical theory is one of the important philosophical foundations of critical management studies. Critical theory has more influence on development on CMS than any other related theoretical foundations like post-structuralism, labour process theory, critical realism etc. Critical theory has a distinct paradigmatic characteristics and unique philosophical tradition. Critical theory basically stresses on the reflective assessment by applying knowledge from humanities and social sciences. Critical management studies brought together post-structural writings and critical theory, but since then it as developed into more diverse directions. This report will take a look at the case study of Experiencing Depersonalised bullying with respect to call-centre agents. The case provided is based on the depersonalized bullying which occurs on the call-centre agents who are employed in International call centres in Bangalore and Mumbai in India. It focuses on the oppressive regime faced by them in the workplace. The kind of bullying regime faced by them can be attributed to the service level agreements which exist between the clients and employers. This sets the tone for organisational practices. The call centre agents accept such kind of tough working conditions because of material gains and professional identities gained by them. Capitalist labour relations in the workplace bullying set the tone for such kind of oppression in the workplace. Call centre industry in India is an emerging industry. It is known as ITES-BPO sector which now contributes majorly to global offshoring business. In countries like South Africa, Philippines, Latin America and Eastern Europe this sector are an emerging sector while in India it remains in the developing stage. There

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